About Marisa D'Amico

With a passion for good design and a formal education as well as professional experience in interior architecture, Marisa D'Amico started Marisa D'Amico Interiors, an Irvine-based interior design firm and home + garden décor e-commerce business in 2007.

Through her interaction with female clients while managing Marisa D'Amico Interiors, Marisa realized that there is a demand for high quality, handmade gift products and women's accessories.  With an eye for design and a connection to good material sourcing, Marisa began to design women's accessories and hand make these products for the US market and more recently to the European market.  The demand for our handmade accessories such as jewelry pouches, coin pouches, eyeglass pouches and fabric gift bags increases dramatically yearly.  For this reason, MarisaDamico.com was established to offer one-of-a-kind handmade gift products shipped from our warehouse in Irvine, California.



With her love for traveling, Marisa finds unique fabrics in markets around the world.  Some fabrics we currently use such as silk are handmade by artisans from Thailand.  In the near future, Marisa D'Amico will offer accessories in Indonesian batik, Chinese silk, Indian sari, Italian silk fabric and more and the ability to customize pouches with various options such as pouch fabric colors and material, bead ends, drawstring cords and monogramming.

"I believe a gift should be handmade from the heart.  A jewelry pouch becomes even more meaningful when you know that someone took the time to make it by hand.  There is a beautiful story behind every positive intention of creation and receiving."

"Most of my design cues is derived from the beauty of the natural world.  It is through traveling to these beautiful places that I am able to receive design inspiration and pass that on through my work."



Marisa D'Amico, Founder + Designer