Quilted Satin Cosmetic Bag with a Mirror & Soft Eyeglass Case Essential Duo Set, Black

This accessory essential duo set was designed and created to give women a practical and functional way to organize their personal items in their purse while also featuring outstanding aesthetics.   The design intent was also to create multiple usages from these two essential items and lessen the weight and number of items that go into a woman’s purse.  Marisa D’Amico, the designer, has lived in several large cities where commuting isn’t by driving a car.  There were many times when she had to take the bus, boat, subway or train to get to a destination.  She knows the importance of what goes in her purse, where space is at a premium, therefore designed this accessory set for women who experience the same hectic, fast paced life.

The design idea also focuses on creating products made from fabric instead of plastic or vinyl which don’t feel as good.  The elegant quilted satin is not only light weight, but also provides durability to both products, making them excellent travel accessories.  The slippery black polyester lining was used to prevent any dirt marks and/or lint from staying on the products.  A mirror is attached to the flap so that an extra mirror does not have to be stored in the cosmetic bag.  This cosmetic bag can easily double as a clutch or purse for a party.

The soft eyeglass case has an easy access flap velcro closure to keep your eyeglasses stored nicely.  The quilted fabric is thick enough to prevent and protect the eyeglasses from scratches yet it does not create bulkiness and take up much space in your purse.  You can also use this to store your small tech gadgets, cellphones, pens, travel size makeup brushes and much more.

The essential duo set is available in black, turquoise-teal, bronze and purple.

Cosmetic Bag: 6.25" x 4" x 2", Soft Eyeglass Case: 7" x 3.75" x 1/4"

100% Polyester (Satin)